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UBooster’s model is simple. We raise money for future college athletes to use after the completion of their NCAA eligibility after graduation. This money helps athletes jump-start their careers, further their education, or relocate in pursuit of their lifelong goals.

How it Works

UBooster is a free to use, interactive platform that allows fans to engage with the sports and athletes they love. When you join UBooster you receive 10 free UBooster Points to distribute to your favorite athletes. Complete your user profile and receive an additional 10 points!

UBooster Points are a new and exciting way for fans to show their support for their favorite athletes. Every point applied raises an athlete’s Heat Index. To keep raising your favorite athlete’s Heat Index, Boost them! When you Boost athletes you not only add money to their UFund, but you boost their Heat Index score. For example, if you Boost an athlete for $10 he or she will automatically receive an additional 100 points.

To keep track of your favorite athletes, we’ve created a Favorites List and a Watch List, respectively demarcated by a star and a bookmark icon. If you “star” a player and save them to your Favorites List, it will spend one of your free points. Every athlete you’ve contributed UBooster points to will be added to your Favorites. For athletes whom you’re interested in watching, we have an option to let you add them to a Watch List, so you can Boost them at a later date.

Using your Free UBooster Points

Star Icon

Clicking on the star icon will award a point to your favorite athlete(s). This action cannot be undone and no more than one free point can be awarded to any one athlete. Once you have awarded an athlete a point, they are added to your Favorites List. To view your Favorites List, head over to your UBooster profile!

Bookmark Icon

Clicking on the bookmark icon will save an athlete(s) to your Watch List. To view your Watch List, head over to your UBooster profile!

Additional Information

Once you have used your free UBooster Points you can boost an athlete to give them additional points, to increase their Heat Index, and to save them to your Favorites List.

To gain additional free UBooster points, follow us on social media for giveaways and chances to win points, merch, and game tickets!

Now that you’ve got the hang of things, start showing your favorite athletes some love. Distribute your UBooster Points and start Boosting!

How It Works

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