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1. Why are so many big name high school players committing early instead of waiting until signing day? (There seems to be a trend in college football over the last few years where the big name players are committing and enrolling early. Why is that?)

2. Is Nick Saban the greatest coach of all time? (5 Rings, 0 losses in the championship game)

3. Championship or Bust for Clemson going forward? (After a close loss to Bama, many Clemson players vowed they would return next year. Did they put too much pressure on themselves?)

4. Do 5-star recruits peak too early in today’s game? (Support with research of the top recruits over the last decade and see if they performed at the expected level)

5. Pro-Style or Dual-Threat? Which one has the easier transition into the pro game?

6. 4 teams vs. 8 teams. Should the CFB Playoff Committee expand the playoffs?

7. Death of the average bowl game? (With ratings at an all-time low is it time to raise the stakes and eliminate some of the post-season games?)

8. Are Cowbell Recruits the secret weapon of recruiting? (players who recruit other players to play with them at a school) (ex. Deshaun Watson, Brandon McIllwain, and now Jacob Eason all personallyrecruited other high end talent)

9. SEC vs. Everybody. How the strongest conference in football came to be & what lies ahead.

10.  Up-tempo vs. traditional offenses. Are the days of slower play over for college football?

11.  Who are the best recruiters in college football and what are the secrets to their success?

12. If college athletes formed a union, what would happen next? (This was the potential impact of a National Labor Relations Board decision in 2015)