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Welcome to UBooster

Where we’re fueling the future of college athletics.

UBooster’s model is simple. We raise money for future college athletes to use after the completion of their NCAA eligibility after graduation. This money helps athletes jump-start their careers, further their education, or relocate in pursuit of their lifelong goals.

What Is UBooster?

UBooster is the world’s premier platform for supporting college athletes. Through UBooster, fans Boost funds to demonstrate their support of the choices made by high school athletes. All the funds go to a trust fund (known as a UFund) for the athletes, which they can access at the end of their NCAA eligibility.

Fans have the opportunity to participate for free by using the UBooster Points they receive at signup. These points directly correlate with the athletes’ Heat Index. To keep raising an athlete’s Heat Index, fans can Boost a player while simultaneously contributing money to their UFund, which also helps their favorite athlete’s Heat Index score climb. Additionally, when fans Boost an athlete they can select which school they support and each athlete’s profile will display the leading Boosters. For example, if a fan of School U boosts Joe Football for $10, Joe Football will receive 100 UBooster Points towards his Heat Index and his profile will display School U as the leading fan-driven institution.

On National Letter of Intent (“Signing”) Day, the opportunity to Boost an athlete closes. All the funds donated to these athletes will be held in escrow until his or her NCAA eligibility expires. Athletes have six years to collect their funds, starting form the time they begin their college careers.


  • A web platform that provides millions of fans with recruiting information that empowers them to make donations in a fun and innovative new way.
  • A real-time barometer of fans’ connection to athletes. When UBooster users make Boosts, their contributions are displayed in an instrument that actively gauges interest, attention, desire and action.
  • A source for entertainment, education and engagement – UBooster heightens fans’ knowledge of the recruiting process, while engaging them in a rewarding and competitive way to support their favorite teams and athletes.
  • A force for positive change in athletics, which takes fans off the sidelines and brings them into the discussion.

What is the mission of UBooster?

The mission of UBooster is to fuel the future of athletics.

We help create sources of revenue for college athletes after their NCAA eligibility has expired. We want to reward athletes for their hard work on the field and in the classroom with money they can use after graduation.

How It Works

What are the benefits of UBooster?

  • UBooster raises revenue to support college athletes in a new and innovative way.
  • UBooster connects fans with their favorite schools in a manner that’s never before been possible.
  • UBooster sustains the future of college athletics with a neutral, transparent platform.

Is there a cost to join

  • No

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